SHEL Sisters Sensational at Music Box Supper Club

Katie Kukwa

June 14th, 2016


SHEL recently played on the Supper Club stage here at Music Box. These four sisters put on a great performance no matter where they go. Whether they’re in a small intimate setting or on a stage at SXSW their refreshing sound has earned them #16 on iTunes Alternative Chart, #94 on Overall iTunes Chart (All Genres) and #14 on Billboard New Artists chart as of Friday 5.28.16.


Pete Roche from The Examiner attended the show and wrote a great review about the sisters performance here at Music Box.

“Where do SHEL get their musical ESP?

Perhaps the band’s potent telepathy owes to the fact that all four members are sisters.

Granted, it was readily apparent during the group’s stellar show Thursday night at Music Box that each woman is unequivocally gifted on her respective instrument(s). But there was something preternaturally taut—yet indubitably organic—about the ladies’ lockstep performances and cohesion that went beyond your average “good chemistry” between bandmates.”


Check out Pete’s full article here


Thanks Pete!

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