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wine_findsMy mission this year is to introduce you to unique and fun wines I come across as I search for the best wines to feature on the Music Box Wine List. I want to showcase the friendships and great memories I have been gifted throughout my journey of becoming your sommelier. So read on, Sip on, and enjoy. It’s always wine o’clock somewhere!

The wines I feature on this webpage are only available for retail purchase by pre-ordering them through me. (10% case discounts will always apply.) To place an order, click on the Envelope Icon below, and send me an email. I will be in touch to make arrangements for you to pick-up your order at the Music Box. (Please note: we cannot arrange shipment of the wines.) Feel free to also send me any questions you have about wines.

Again, the wines featured on this webpage are for take-home purchase only. You will not be able to drink them at the Music Box. And you must order the wines by emailing me. You cannot purchase these wines at the front desk at the Music Box.




Click this email icon to send me the names of the wines from the list below that you are interested in purchasing. Supplies are limited. So, order now. Please include your phone number when sending me an order. I will be in touch to arrange the purchase, and your pick-up at the Music Box. (Please note, we cannot arrange shipment of the wines.) Feel free to send me a question about wines, too!


Krystal’s Wine-Finds Blog

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Sant’ Elena Chardonnay, $20

If you’re a fan of Steve Job’s wine-counterpart, Paul Hobbs, you will certainly fall in love with the family that produces this stunning little Chardonnay. This wine is such a low yield that it literally takes one vine to produce a bottle of wine. That’s less than half of the norm! Taste this and you will see why: refined and expressive; lemony and zestful. Might I mention this is a perfect combo with tilapia, halibut, walleye, and all your other Lenten delicacies!


Legado del Fraile Alberino Albariño, $15

One of my most favorite whites of all-time is the Alberino. Coming from the famed territory or Rias Baixas (also a fun term to say aloud :Ry-Ahs By-Shas!) Legado is a small family -run operation, exporting to but a handful of countries. This is a text-book love affair of Peaches and Grapefruit! Give an extra offering to the Indian-Summer-Wallah, and sip this little beauty, a steal at $15, also packaged in 6-pack boxes, my 10% discount will apply to purchases of 6+.


Chateau d’Avril Bordeaux, $12

Knowing nothing about French wine, this is literally the first with which I tooled around my first days of working with my favorite European Wine Importer, the first wine I featured at a wine dinner, and thusly learned the importance of watching my inventory levels. Father d’Avril was also the first winemaker I rode around town with, visiting all of my besties in the region, all of course boutique wine shops and trendy restaurants. This was also Grandma’s last communion wine, bringing back many memories every time I sip upon this Chateau! Case discounts will apply to purchases of 6+.


Tournon “Mathilda” Shiraz, Australia, $18

Seeking excellence in the land Down Under, in 2009 the famed Michel Chapoutier bought two new vineyards (Shays Flat Estate and Landsborough Valley Estate) in the Victorian Pyrenees to set up the fully owned label, Tournon. Michel recognized two unique terroirs that would allow him to make distinctive wines utilizing the Syrah/Shiraz grape that originates in his homeland. A southern extension of the Great Dividing Range, The Pyrenees foothills and ranges create a remarkable diversity of microclimates and soils that provide wealth of variety for winemakers. Typically, vintages awarded scores from 90-94 points in various publications.


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