Tres Souls


Romantic Latin Boleros

Los Angeles trio romantico Tres Souls capture hearts, one bolero ballad at a time


Why you should see this show…

Performing original pieces and reimagined classics from Mexico and various Latin American countries,Tres Souls take cues from “Trio Romanticos” like Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos, Los Tres Reyes and Los Tres Ases, while showcasing their own distinct sound.

The genre of Boleros originated in Cuba then it made its way into Mexico in the 1940s. Three piece bands were known to perform this style of music and now there is a new generation of artists.


Tres Souls Bio
Beloved Los Angeles trio, Tres Souls has been capturing the hearts of Angelenos, one ballad at a time, (ABC7). For the last decade Rocio Mendoza, Roberto Carlos, and Jesus Martinez have serenaded audiences in LA and beyond, with their own interpretations of a genre called “Bolero.” They relive the vintage sounds and songs of the 1940s-1960s, stylized during the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema. “Through their expert musicianship and swooning vocals Tres Souls enchants audiences and transports them to a more romantic time.” (The Music Center)

Each member of the trio is an accomplished musician, and each inherited the knowledge and importance of heritage music through their family and generations before them. In their own way Tres Souls are following in the footsteps of other “Trio Romanticos,” like Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos, Los Tres Reyes and Los Tres Ases, while interspersing musical influences that can be heard echoing through out the diaspora of Los Angeles. Tres Souls released their first album in 2019 titled, Boleros Made In LA, where they celebrate their roots while branching out into uncharted territory.


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