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Moving in Stereo incorporates all of the sleek, innovative, new wave sound that put The Cars on the map, and you do not want to miss it as they bring this show to the Music Box. Moving in Stereo goes the extra mile with a show that spans The Cars’ entire discography, bringing you the sights and sounds of the Cars at the height of their powers.

Moving In Stereo Bio
From Cleveland, Ohio, Moving in Stereo emerges as the ultimate tribute to The Cars, embodying the iconic sound that rocked the new wave era.

Leading the charge, Matt and Danny capture the unique vocal contrast between Ric Ocasek’s distinctive timbre and Ben Orr’s smooth tones, ensuring each performance resonates with the authenticity and passion reminiscent of The Cars themselves. Their focus? To offer more than just a show; it’s an experience that bridges generations with the timeless music of The Cars, inviting fans into the Fanorama. Their dedication to an authentic Cars experience means we rely on our musicians’ talents and chemistry, steering clear of technical trickery to deliver a sound that’s as genuine and vibrant as the original. Dressed in attire that nods to The Cars, minus the gimmicks, we are real musicians engaging with real fans, creating real memories.

Since their formation in 2013, Moving in Stereo has graced premier venues and festivals, including the House of Blues, Music Box and Rocking on the River, solidifying our reputation as the most authentic source for experiencing The Cars’ magic live.

Join them for an unforgettable journey reliving the vibrant energy and iconic sounds of the ’80s. Where every note is a memory, and every song is a celebration. With Moving in Stereo, you’re not just listening to The Cars; you’re part of the Fanorama. Let’s shake it up.


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