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Best ELO tribute "All Over the World"

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Ticket To The Moon will take you on a flight through the music of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). The Electric Light Orchestra no doubt added an exciting mix of elements into rock & roll, including disco rhythms & electronic studio wizardry. With hits such as “Strange Magic,” “Evil Woman,” & “Telephone Line,” this incredible group pays tribute to the music that helped shape a generation. Ticket To The Moon delivers a one of a kind show, both sonically & visually, which will make any fan feel like they’re at an actual ELO concert. Lead singer & founder Reggie Fecteau, has assembled a ‘dream team’ of musicians whose training and performance history is second to none.


Ticket to the Moon Bio
Ticket to the Moon is:
Reggie Fecteau (lead vogals, guitar)
From Canada, Reggie is an accomplished musician playing over 7 different instruments, producer and promoter. He has been featured on many gold records and performed in Canada with French artists like Joey Tardif, Joel Denis, Pierre Lalonde, Michel Louvain, Michel Stax, Patrick Bourgeois and Many More, Reggie also performed with Yesterday The Beatles a mega production show in Montreal. He has toured the world and has been a regular Headliner on RCCL cruises and is now Manager and owner of Ticket To the Moon.

David Carrica Martincorena (drums, vocals)
David’s passion for drums ignited at a young age when Metallica’s Master of Puppets blew him away. This sparked his pursuit of a career in music, leading him to take lessons at a local music school and play in bands in his hometown of Pamplona for five years. Seeking new opportunities, he made a move to Barcelona and spent six years playing various styles at L’Aula de Music’s y Jazz. In 2013, David’s talent paid off when he joined the heavy metal band TIERRA SANTA, touring the world and recording six albums. Additionally, he collaborated with the symphonic metal band DIABULUS IN MUSICA, touring Europe extensively. David’s hard work and study led to his graduation from classical percussion at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona in 2014. After touring the U.S. with TIERRA SANTA in 2019, he decided to stay in the country permanently and spent two years in Miami playing with local bands and teaching music at SOUNDS OF EXCELLENCE academy. In 2021, David moved to Nashville, where he played country and rock with different artists and got involved in the Broadway scene for nine months. Currently, he’s teaching drums in a school in Miami.

Dany Roy (guitars, vocals)
Originally from Canada, Dany Roy was raised in and around music all of his life. Most of Dany’s family members were musicians and Dany started playing out regularly at the ripe old age of 17! He soon began gigging 2-3 times a week, playing local bars, weddings, corporate events and music festivals. Dany’s musical influences range from all the classic names of the ’60s to idols of today. However, being a kid growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, classic rock bands were his favorite! Dany has been a part of the music scene now for over 35 years and you can tell music is more than just a passion for him…it’s his life and it’s in his blood! Founder of the famous Sippin’Fire Band. Don’t miss the passion and energy that Dany brings to Ticket To The Moon…..

Nathalie Tasse (keys, vocals)
Born in Montreal, Canada, Nathalie also has a Master trainer certification and she is very active in the sports world, she has been featured in fitness equipment commercials, in the USA, France, and Russia

Jamie Meselsohn (bass, vocals)

Jade Tasse (vocals, percussion)
Opera-trained vocalist at the age of 8 and Broadway at the age of 12 by renowned voice Coach Arron Hagen, Jade has been part of many Broadway plays flying back and forth to N.Y. At the age of 16, she had a number one hit single in Japan for 6 months straight, she also exceeds as a make up artist and business management


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