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Turn up the volume on your next fundraiser: Build your event around one of our already scheduled concerts. Not only can you sell tickets to donors and fans—and keep 100% of the proceeds—but you can also organize a pre-show gathering in one of our private spaces. With flexible floor plans, easily accessible parking, and on-site planning assistance, your next fundraiser will be both fun and stress-free.

At the Music Box, we enjoy working with organizations to create events that benefit great causes. When you book your fundraiser around a concert, you’ll receive 100% of the proceeds from tickets you sell to donors and fans. Plus, you can do other on-site fundraising activities around the event, such as a pre-show gathering in our private dining room.

We know just how hectic planning a fundraiser can be. Booking an event at the Music Box includes help from an in-house Event Manager free of charge. Our staff works closely with you to create a detailed timeline for the evening, and will remain on-site for the event, removing stress so you can enjoy a fun and rewarding fundraiser.

Looking to plan a pre-concert happy hour, silent auction or VIP dinner? Our customizable floor plans allow you to effectively use the Music Box for all of your planned activities. We also have the flexibility to customize events and menus, to ensure your fundraiser achieves your desired vision.

Concert-goers flock to the Music Box’s award-winning concert spaces to hear an eclectic array of genres: blues, classic rock, soul, jazz, and much more. When you book a fundraiser with one of our concerts, you and your guests can expect a world-class show. Plus, our unique, state-of-the-art sound system, guided at all times by our on-site expert sound engineer, ensures that these talented musicians always sound their best.

Keeping costs reasonable is important when planning a fundraiser to benefit a charitable cause. Our event staff can work within your desired budget to create a night to remember, from mouthwatering menus that are both affordable and unforgettable to tastefully arranged social spaces.

Parking is easy and plentiful at the Music Box. Guests can park their own vehicles in several large lots nearby, which are located a short walk from the venue. For those that want door to door service, we have recommended valet companies. During the summer, guests can also access Music Box via the Metroparks water taxi, which travels frequently between the east and west bank of the Flats.

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