Our Kitchen

Executive Chef Dennis Devies

Dennis DeviesDennis first realized he had an affinity for restaurants while still in high school, when he moved from delivering pizzas for Papa John’s to helping out in the kitchen. Inspired by his regional manager, he attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts. While finishing up his degree, he fell in love with the kitchen and cooking side of things—and hasn’t looked back.

For the last nine years, Dennis was the Executive Sous Chef at Brookside Country Club in Canton. He has ample experience juggling restaurant service with banquet service, often in the same night. Dennis has also spent the winter months for the last six years in the Caribbean working closely with chef/owner David Kendrick, developing amazing dishes that will work great for the Music Box. In addition, Dennis is the two-time winner (and reigning champion) of the Cast Iron Chef Cook-Off and was part of the 2013 March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction. His culinary talent and vast experience will be an asset to Cleveland’s dining scene.

The Music Box strives to source our food products locally, and through sustainable and ethical resources. Conscious sourcing is central to our mission and we will work to continually improve upon our practices.


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