The Furious Bongos


A Frank Zappa Cover Band

A Tribute as Experimental as Frank!

Please note: Proof of Covid-19 vaccination (card or photo is acceptable), or negative test (time-stamped, no older than 72 hours) is required to enter. Masks are suggested except while eating and drinking.



Why you should see this show…

This tribute to Frank Zappa is as unique and experimental as Frank! This diverse group of professional musicians know how to pay respect to the legend while also having a great deal of fun by adding their own flavors into the mix.

The Furious Bongos Bio
The Furious Bongos are just a bunch of professional musicians with pretty diverse backgrounds who decided to take on a pretty big challenge and have some fun in the process. Now, you might ask, “Oh yeah? ‘Professional’ musicians, eh? What makes them think they can play Frank’s music as well as [insert Zappa family member here]?”

Well. . . you might not have heard of them individually, but you have heard of the people they’ve spent their careers working with (and they don’t mean “I played a 10am slot at a festival once that was headlined by Famous Artist X”): Yo Yo Ma, Mick Fleetwood, BB King, REM, Vinnie Colaiuta, Oasis, LA Philharmonic, Madison Symphony, Arthur Barrow, Munich Philharmonic, Bryan Beller, India Arie, Popa Chubby, Limelight: A Tribute To Rush, Pinetop Perkins, Chicago Lyric Opera, Arrested Development, Madison Opera, blah blah blah….you get the idea.

When it came to the music, Frank was constantly changing things, and he allowed his band members to bring their unique voices to the table. He also understood that his live performances were entertainment: it’s supposed to be a rock show, not a piano recital.

With that in mind, The Furious Bongos don’t think playing Song X from Album Y note-for-note while staring at their shoes is the proper way to go about this.

The result of that approach (combined with a lot of homework) is a show that pays respect to Zappa’s legacy, but is also new and different and dangerous and FUN, with lots of eyebrows.

Kinda like Frank.


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