Sinatra Night with Patrick Lynch & The Jazz Guys


Iconic Songs of Ol’ Blue Eyes


Why you should see this show…

Frank Sinatra is often hailed as the greatest American singer of 20th-century popular music. Celebrate his music and legacy with Patrick Lynch & The Jazz Guys as they play your favorites from “The Chairman of the Board.”

Patrick Lynch Bio
Patrick Lynch is a dynamic and versatile vocalist. His passion for performing and entertaining an audience is unparalleled, as he will keep you engaged until he sings his last note.

Patrick has been performing at many of Northeast Ohio’s fabulous music venues years. Audiences have seen him play at Brother’s Lounge, The Alex Theater, Vosh, and most recently, The Music Box. While Patrick has been crooning about town for the past few years, he also has a rich history of performing many other musical genres having been a part of several local bands, including The Crooked River Band and one of Cleveland’s favorite party bands, Billy Likes Soda. Patrick is happiest when on a stage and singing to an audience. His voice and humor create a wonderful atmosphere for the audience. Each night Patrick performs the likes of his musical idols, it is if Frank, Dean, Buble, and many others, have gathered for one great show.


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