Siberian Solstice


A Symphonic Rock Holiday Extravaganza

Unique Christmas Season Music


Why you should see this show…

Siberian Solstice provides an exciting contemporary set of Christmas music as originally performed by the nationally acclaimed group Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The music format of traditional Christmas music and other classical pieces with electronic keyboards, drums, and guitars can be enjoyed by all age groups. Siberian Solstice has ten members on stage to accurately reproduce the TSO style.

Siberian Solstice Bio
Siberian Solstice is:
Dave Coonrod (bass) is a veteran of the Northwest Ohio music scene in performing, recording, writing, and teaching guitar and bass guitar. You have seen Dave on stage playing the bass guitar and singing in numerous bands over the years. Dave has numerous collaborations in song-writing and recording with his primary focus being performing and teaching. He is a graduate of Defiance College where he also taught for 20 years. He is a founding member of “Siberian Solstice” and sings in the St. Paul Lutheran church choir.

Dave Deal (keyboard) has played in various groups and venues, covering a range of music from folk, classic rock, contemporary Christian to Pink Floyd. He has released two CDs, Harmonic Space and Transformations. David’s musical styles range from progressive rock bands such as YES and Pink Floyd to Broadway musicals such as those by Andrew Lloyd Webber. He often adds a little bit of Folk, Jazz and Classical flavoring.

Chuck Mauk (percussion) has spent his life playing drums. He’s recorded in studios from New York to Los Angeles. He’s performed in clubs, theaters and arenas all over the United States and Europe. Chuck’s drumming also can be heard on TV (Sons of Anarchy, Empire, Law and Order, American Idol, etc.), along with many different television and internet advertisements and commercials. Chuck’s playing can also be heard on various big screen movies and television documentaries. Chuck is the owner of Happy Hands Recording Studio where he is either drumming, engineering, mixing or producing projects.

Marie Moore (keyboard) taught general music and beginning band for 28 years, receiving teacher of the year twice. She studied the organ with Vernon Wolcott and Carolyn Small, and then played the organ for 20 years at Grace Episcopal Church in Defiance.

Jamie Blank (narrator) was a member of a television production crew that traveled with the Ohio State Buckeyes before ESPN went on the air. He was the first TV director and Station manager at WHS-TV5. He has been an on air radio personality at 4 different radio stations in Ohio and Michigan. His voice has been used in many national radio and TV commercials while working for a Dayton area advertising agency.

Mary Jackson (vocals) has had a love of music for as long as she can remember. As a youngster she could often be found playing guitar around a roaring campfire at Happy Hollow Campground on Coldwater Lake. As an adult she continued to play many different musical genres including Classical, German, Rock, Country, Jazz, Scat, Pop and Folk. Mary has toured with national acts including Pete Schlegel, Daryle Singletary, Jeff Carson, and Brooks Atwood. She has played across the country at many fairs, rodeos, and music venues.

In addition, Mary has had the opportunity to record in Nashville as a backup singer and has appeared in several music videos that played nationally. It has been her pleasure to open for national acts such as Charlie Daniels, David Lee Murphy, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Buddy Jewell. Mary looks forward to making beautiful music with all the people around her at each new endeavor.

Garnet McGladdery (guitar/vocals) was born in Detroit, MI and at a young age you would find him listening to Ted Nugent’s first band the Amboy Dukes who would rehearse just down the street from where he grew up. He was inspired and wanted to be like Ted so he begged his Mom to help him get his first Gibson and he was on his way.

The family moved to Defiance, OH when Garnet was a freshman in high school. He played with some local musicians and finally landed in a band from Ayersville, OH called The Other Half. Garnet was one of the driving forces in the band from 1969 – 2000. The Other Half toured as a horn band with Garnet on lead guitar from 1971 – 1974. The band regrouped in 1976 and cut the “Smut” album in 1979 which achieved national success. Garnet and Smirth won numerous awards for Smut and The Punk Polka which was used in TV syndication. They also got a lot of FM airplay which peaked the interest of some music business people in Los Angeles. So Garnet and The Other Half moved to L.A. in 1985. They played every venue. The Whiskey, Roxy, Madame Wongs, The FM Station etc. Performed for all the record companies but it just didn’t pan out. So some of the members returned to Ohio and Garnet stayed on with the rest of the band where he became the lead singer of a heavy rock version of The Other Half. During this time Garnet also spends 11 years in production work alongside some of the top R&R sound engineers in the world. He also trained in corporate video, lighting edit and

Kevin Peters (guitar) delivers expressive and fluid lines with his unique two-handed tapping approach to the guitar. Kevin has been studying guitar for 30 years with the last 19 years focusing almost exclusively to the two-handed technique.

Tina Mae (vocals) was influenced by her mother her to play guitar and sing. She has performed many shows with her sister Sandy throughout Northwest Ohio and recorded an album with two of her sisters at Indian Ridge Studios. (The Schwind Sisters). Tina has performed with a variety of country bands and also has recorded originals at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor Michigan, as well as recording background vocals for local musicians. Most recently, she formed “Lincoln Street Therapy” with her younger brother, and they can be found playing at various local venues and festivals.

Jennifer Plante (vocals) has been performing with Siberian Solstice since 2018. Her love of music has included vocals, piano, soprano and alto saxophone, and clarinet. She has studied many years of dance including ballet, tap & jazz. Jennifer also sings with CC Machine a pop rock band.


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Our Concert Hall menu is fast to the table and allows you to dine right in your ticketed seat. Tableside food service will start 2 hours before showtime and the kitchen will close approximately halfway through the show. Tableside beverage service will continue throughout the concert.


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