Robyn Hitchcock


One of Rock's Most Enduring and Beloved Craftsman

Creative troubadour behind "Balloon Man," "Madonna of the Wasps," "So You Think You're In Love"


Why you should see this show…

Existing fans will rightfully be thrilled that Hitchcock not only hasn’t lost his edge, but has sharpened his knives on this superb set. Newcomers can start here to get a whiff of one of music’s most pungent, eccentric and lovable journeymen doing what he does best. Now with 21 total albums in his career, this show will demonstrate that you have much more to explore.

Robyn Hitchcock Bio
Robyn Hitchcock is one of England’s most enduring contemporary singer-songwriters and live performers. A surrealist poet, talented guitarist, cult artist and musician’s musician, Hitchcock is among alternative rock’s father figures and is the closest thing the genre has to a Bob Dylan (not coincidentally his biggest musical inspiration).

Since founding the art-rock band The Soft Boys in 1976, Robyn has recorded more than 20 albums as well as starred in ‘Storefront Hitchcock’ an in concert film recorded in New York and directed by Jonathan Demme.

Blending folk and psychedelia with a wry British nihilism, Robyn describes his songs as ‘paintings you can listen to’. His most recent album is self-titled and marks his 21st release as a solo artist. The album was produced by Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs). Hitchcock describes it as a “ecstatic work of negativity with nary a dreary groove.”

It has received rave reviews from UNCUT, Rolling Stone, Paste, Tidal and more.

“A gifted melodist, Hitchcock nests engaging lyrics in some of the most bracing, rainbow-hued pop this side of Revolver. He wrests inspiration not from ordinary life but from extraordinary imaginings…” – Rolling Stone

“These 10 gems slither, rock, roll, glide and shapeshift, coalescing around Hitchcock’s typically anxious, strained but striking and immediately identifiable vocals.” – American Songwriter

“Beloved of everyone from Led Zeppelin to REM, Hitchcock has only enhanced his status with this wonderful outing.” – Hot Press

“Witty, moving and seriously catchy, Robyn Hitchcock is a glorious return for a man who wasn’t really gone in the first place.” – Paste Magazine



Kelly Stoltz Bio
Kelley Stoltz was born in New York City in 1971 and grew up in Birmingham, Michigan. He moved to New York City in his early twenties. While living in New York in the mid 1990s, Stoltz served as an intern with Jeff Buckley’s management company where he worked as a “fan-mail” sorter. In the late 1990s he relocated to San Francisco and began his own musical career. Stoltz recorded his first album The Past Was Faster in 1999, released on Telegraph Records. Stoltz self-released his second album Antique Glow in 2001. His next project was recorded in the last week of 2001: a track by track cover of Echo & the Bunnymen’s Crocodiles album recorded on his 8-track tape recorder.

In late 2003, Stoltz toured Australia for the first time and recorded a 4 track direct to disc EP at Corduroy Records. In 2004, Mojo Magazine gave Antique Glow a four (out of five) star review and featured an article on Stoltz in their “Mojo Rising” column. In 2005, Stoltz signed to Sub Pop and released The Sun Comes Through EP. He also toured Europe in April and Australia for a second time in Dec 2005-January 2006. His first full-length release for Sub Pop, entitled Below the Branches, was released in February 2006.

In tandem with the release of Below the Branches was an industry first: Below the Branches was the first record in history to make an on-package claim about renewable energy use with the Green-e logo. Stoltz tracked his electricity use and with the help of the Green-e program, offset all the electricity used to record his record with green tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In Kelley’s words: “Using renewable energy to offset the electricity I needed to power my guitar amps and my recording machines was a simple and effective way for me to do something about my impact on the environment. Green-e certifies that I am buying 100 percent renewable energy. Hopefully, people will see their logo; check into what they do, and make renewable energy a part of their lives, too.”

Stoltz and his band were the opening support band for The Raconteurs, on their July and August 2006 tour. Stoltz also performed at the 2006 Lollapalooza in Chicago. His song “Birdies Singing” from Below the Branches has been used by Volvo for the Volvo C30 commercial in Sweden in 2007; it has also been used for the Regions Financial ad campaign of 2007 in the U.S. Stoltz’s song, “Memory Collector” is featured in a Marriott Hotels ad, and several of his songs were used in the hit FX series, Damages. In early 2006, Stoltz produced God’s Boat, the debut album from The Passionistas, which was released on June 5, 2007. He also produced or worked on other Bay Area albums: Oh Sees – Sucks Blood, Bart Davenport – Palaces, Moore Brothers – Aptos and Colossal Yes – Charlemagne’s Big Thaw.

On February 5, 2008 Stoltz’s album Circular Sounds was released by Sub Pop. In 2010 he opened for his heroes Echo & the Bunnymen on a North American Tour after the scheduled opening group was waylaid by the 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption. In October 2010 Sub Pop released Stoltz’s album To Dreamers. Stoltz also appeared on Sonny Smith’s Sonny and the Sunsets album Tomorrow is Alright. In September 2013, Double Exposure was released on Third Man Records. He and his band served as opening act for Jack White on his Lazaretto tour.

After recording an EP and a further album under a pseudonym, Stoltz’s next proper album, In Triangle Time, was released in November 2015. Stoltz played rhythm guitar in Echo & the Bunnymen on their UK, European and USA tours 2016-2018. He released Que Aura on Castle Face Records August 12, 2017, Natural Causes on Banana & Louie Records February 21, 2018, and My Regime on Banana & Louie Records in September 2019.


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