Murder Mystery Dinner Party: Nightmare Lane Hotel


Presented by Get Away With Murder Inc.

Ticket Includes 3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner Package (menu options below)

Dress the part and you may be selected to participate in the show

Welcome to Nightmare Lane Hotel

Nightmare Lane Hotel is a halfway house for monsters, goblins, and ghouls, and of course, the actors who portrayed these creatures. Freddy Croaker, the monster from the Thursday the 12th documentary series, was found slumped over his desk with 27 stab wounds in his back and a wooden stake through his heart. But who could’ve done this? Ever since Freddy turned over a new leaf, everyone loved him. Or did they? Possible suspects include Dennis Racula, Frankie Stein and “the bride of” Frankie Stein, Mummy Dearest, Jack Wolfer, and Blair DeWitch.

$49.50 ticket includes admission and prix fixe 3-course meal. For your convenience, tax and tip will be added at the cart.



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