Carl Baldassarre’s Led Zeppelin Revival & More…


Led by a Zeppelin Expert

Featuring Sensational British Vocalist Guy Snowden with Al Rolik, Jim Ruschman, and Billy Brock


Why you should see this show…

Calling all Zeppelin fans and guitar aficionados! Two shows for the price of one! This is a very special show featuring Carl Baldassarre’s critically acclaimed Led Zeppelin Revival Show PLUS an opening set of excerpts from Carl’s new rock solo album Grand Boulevard. The album is receiving early raves from the press with the UK’s Fireworks Magazine declaring the album to be “flawlessly crafted, genre-spanning and offering something for everyone. Highly impressive!” Progsheet enthused that the album is “bursting with strong, catchy compositions and memorable guitar acrobatics…” The UK’s Powerplay Magazine avowed, “This Grand Boulevard has roses along the way.”

Those of you who have seen Carl Baldassarre’s Led Zeppelin Revival know these performances are heralded as unlocking the secret to Led Zeppelin’s sound. Carl has been playing and studying Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin for more than 40 years. Carl’s mastery and interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s repertoire, especially Jimmy Page’s techniques are a MUST SEE. His tone perfect interpretations are immensely respected and a true tribute to the works of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin.

Carl Baldassarre's Led Zeppelin Revival Bio
Apart from being a world class expert on the art of Jimmy Page, Carl Baldassarre is also a composer, guitarist, and world-traveling YouTube educator dubbed “The Professor of Classic Rock”. Carl has spent more than 40 years as a professional musician and band leader. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio his first band (Abraxas) received a recording contract when he was 19 years old toured non-stop. His progressive rock band, Syzygy, attained international acclaim by charting in Germany, releasing four albums and building an enthusiastic fan base the world-over.

Considered a polystylist, Carl is a composer-songwriter comfortable in any genre or medium. He has received international recognition for many of his works including Flamenco, Celtic ballads, progressive rock and classical music.

Carl always brings world class artists to his live shows! Over the years, Carl continues to perform and record with many celebrated artists including:
Nick D’Virgilio (Genesis, Tears for Fears, Big Big Train)
Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Chicago, Santana, Traffic)
Charles Iverson (Iverson, Spektral Quartet, Diane Coffee)
Marcus Scott (Tower of Power)
Jacob Dupre (Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Don Carr (James Brown, The Oak Ridge Boys)
Avery Knific (Spektral Quartet)
Phil Naish (Elton John, Dolly Parton)
Al Rolik (Syzygy)
Guy Snowdon (The Citizens)
Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Ted Nugent)
Jim Ruschman (Led Zeppelin Revival)
Billy Brock (Led Zeppelin Revival)



Dining Option

Our Concert Hall menu is fast to the table and allows you to dine right in your ticketed seat. Tableside food service will start 2 hours before showtime and the kitchen will close approximately halfway through the show. Tableside beverage service will continue throughout the concert.


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