Alex Bevan & Austin Walkin’ Cane


Blues - Folk - Slide!

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Why you should see this show…

If you are from Northern Ohio you might know Alex Bevan as the guy who wrote and performed “Skinny Little Boy,” “Grand River Lullaby” and “Have Another Laugh on Cleveland Blues!” and the troubadour at any number of yacht clubs along the North Shore armed with a guitar and a ball cap slinging spontaneous blarney…

Another local legend, Austin Walkin’ Cane is a former Blues Music Award Nominee known around these parts for dominating the stage with some damn fine new blues, commanding vocals, and fiery Delta chops!.


Alex Bevan Bio
If the name Alex Bevan means anything to you.. it probably begins with the song “Skinny”… the 1976 Summer Anthem that filled the airwaves of radio station WMMS and brought the Cleveland folksinger’s career into sharp focus “back in the day”.

Perhaps too, it might conjure the melody of “The Grand River Lullaby,” hearkening back to lost years of innocence and first love in a simpler and more romantic time… a time when the Woodstock Generation found it’s rhythm in the album oriented rock infused soundtracks that still echo in the rivulets and streams of Spotify and Itunes music delivery systems.

Alex Bevan has been picking up his guitar and going to perform for audiences for over forty six years… singing primarily songs of his own crafting and supported mostly by his deft guitar picking and agile improvisational wit…. In short… he is a troubadour of the journeyman class who brings a fresh perspective and unabashed enthusiasm for storytelling to each and every member of the the audience he interacts with.

A truly analog entertainer for a digital time!



Austin Walkin' Cane Bio
“Austin Walkin’ Cane arrives bearing not only a cool blues calling card but a commanding voice and fiery Delta chops.”
The New Yorker

“If you like Muddy Waters, go see Austin Walkin Cane.” Washington Post

Damn Fine Blues! Original & classic delta blues featuring slide guitar and soulful vocals. A blues gumbo repertoire that can conjure up the ghosts of highway 61 & the delta blues experience. Austin Walkin’ Cane is a blues singer, songwriter and slide guitarist that performs acoustic solo, duo & electric band sets. Austin Walkin’ Cane has toured Australia, Nepal, Colombia, France, Germany, England, Wales, and the US, from New Orleans, Louisiana to Juneau, Alaska with only a guitar & suitcase in hand.

Austin walked for ten years with a cane due to an arterial venous malformation at birth. While performing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a homeless man called out “Hey Walkin’ Cane got some spare change for a brother?!” Austin took the jibe as his nickname. In 1996, after years of battling the inevitable, his left leg was amputated below the knee. A year after the surgery, he returned to the music scene stronger & without need of a cane.

AWC’s 2008 CD Murder of a Blues Singer, was inspired by an after hour diner conversation with blues legend Robert Jr. Lockwood. “The stories were flowing like the grease off our plates”, subsequently the album is saturated in classic delta blues, as were the tales of Lockwood’s stepfather, Robert Johnson. Mr. Lockwood had agreed to perform on the record, but fate had changed that path. The Walkin’ Cane Band captured the perfect “live in the studio” feeling that Austin & co-writer Chris Allen had envisioned for these songs. The band is a well oiled machine. Special guests on Murder of a Blues Singer include Colin Dussault, Eroc Sosinski and one of Cleveland’s finest gospel groups, the Prayer Warriors.

In 2011, an acoustic CD, A World Of Blues, was released. The Allen/Charanghat original songs were recorded live at the Brothers Lounge as a testament to Walkin’ Cane living on the road. The album uses excerpts of Austin’s world travels in addition to the show recorded in the heart of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame city.

During the summer of 2014, One Heart Walkin’ was recorded in two days at the historic G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula, OH. Built in 1850, the former schoolhouse & Civil War Veteran’s hangout, set the perfect mood for this album. Listening to Cane’s most recent album is like being a passenger on the old Illinois Central Railroad. These “Damn Fine Blues,” take the listener from the south side of Chicago, through the deep south of the Mississippi Delta. You’ll stop in Memphis, Clarksdale & Bentonia, and ride to the end of the line of New Orleans, Louisiana.

All of the songs on One Heart Walkin’ were co-written with songwriter and grade school friend, Chris Allen. The album of Allen/Charanghat originals came to life with the help of legendary producer & bassist Don Dixon, harmonica extraordinaire Dave Morrison, Allen on acoustic guitar, Freddie Perez-Stable on drums & members of the Revolution Brass Band, bringing in the sound of New Orleans.


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