An Afternoon of Music & Fun


Presented by Hudson-Wise Foundation & Good Intentions Foundation

Why you should see this show…

The music of many of Cleveland’s best musicians, plus food, raffles, and door prizes.
All proceeds to benefit children with autism and special needs


The Other Guys
Bill March
Fire on Fire

& more!


About the Hudson-Wise Foundation
A silent child “speaks” for the first time after receiving an iPad to communicate, finally opening up a whole new world. A very sick but proud child is able to return to school when a defibrillator is purchased so he can be “just another kid” with his classmates. Hundreds of Special Olympians are fed and supported; a family in need is able to break down physical and emotional barriers to participate in a life-changing Disney 5K race.

At the Hudson-Wise Foundation for God’s Special Children, a small non-profit based in Medina County, Ohio, volunteers are working hard to make a profound difference in the lives of children who otherwise might be outcast.

Our mission is very simple: Make life a little better for children with autism and special needs. We do this by providing basic needs like school supplies, coats, hats and, in some cases, even groceries. Most of the children we help are either profoundly disabled and/or profoundly poor. We just want to give these children a chance; to try in some little way to make life a tiny bit easier. That’s where we need your help. State and federal budget cuts have left many schools struggling to provide even basic educational materials needed in special-needs classrooms. With support from generous, caring individuals and businesses, we help fill that gap. We also accept donations to sponsor workshops for teachers and health-care aides who work with autistic and special-needs children and adults.

We would like to help every child and adult we can, but our funds only stretch so far. We have witnessed miracles occur when a non-verbal child begins communicating with the help of an iPad. We have seen non-social students begin to interact with their teachers and peers. To continue this work, we need more funding. We are asking you for a donation so more students can transform their lives and discover a new world. Please help us continue this vital and important work. Everything we collect goes directly toward the materials to help the children and adults who need them. Thank you very much for your consideration.



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